The murder trial of Michael Schweitzer continued Monday with testimony from an American forensic pathologist.

Dr. Werner Spitz, who has testified at high-profile trials including that of Steven Truscott and the civil case against O.J. Simpson, told the court that he believes Tyler Baker shot himself on Dec. 4, 2012.

The Crown contends that Michael Schweitzer shot Baker, who survived, and Nicole Wagler, who did not.

Schweitzer has pleaded not guilty to murder and attempted murder in connection with the two shootings, which occurred in the Milverton house he shared with Baker.

During Spitz’s testimony, jurors were shown several images of Baker during his recovery.

Some of the images showed him with a line of scarring starting at his right ear and running to his mouth. A small, star-shaped scar stood out from the line on Baker’s right cheek.

Spitz testified that he believed the star-shaped scar is where the bullet exited Baker’s body, after entering through his mouth.

He said that the muzzle of the gun was likely in Baker’s mouth when it was fired, as the fractures in his face suggest he was shot at close range.

Under cross-examination, Crown attorney Michael Murdoch suggested that Spitz formed his opinions without having full knowledge of all the evidence pertaining to the case.

Jurors heard that Spitz didn’t have access to Baker’s emergency room records until Sunday night.

Spitz admitted that he wrote his first report on the case in December, before seeing the photos of Baker’s injuries introduced as evidence in court.

However, he said that none of the evidence to come forward during the trial changed his opinion about what happened to Baker.

The trial continues Tuesday.