A train horn blasting at all hours of the night has some Waterloo Region citizens thinking about changing their residency.

The issue began earlier this week according to people who live near  the Spur Line in Kitchener-Waterloo.

“It’s going to be very annoying in terms of having to sleep around it,” said student Nathan Fischer. “No one has really said anything about being able to fix it.”

Waterloo City Councillor Tenille Bonoguore has been fielding calls from residents about the issue.

She and thousands of others in the densely populated area are able to hear the horns between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

“Some people are being woken up,” said Bonoguore. “The unexpected timing is a problem as well. I’ve had people asking if this is going to be long term, because if so they will be moving.”

CN Rail says whistling at crossings is regulated and there is no new legislation in this case.

“CN apologizes for the inconvenience,” they said in a statement. “It’s an operational issue and we are currently trying to address the situation while maintaining safe operations.”

Bonoguore says the city’s noise bylaw makes an exception for loud sounds that are meant to be warnings.

A similar issue transpired in Guelph around the beginning of June. It was resolved when CN stopped sounding horns overnight in the residential area.

CN has had control of Spur Line since late 2018.