KITCHENER -- A Kitchener pharmacist is being praised by his patients for administering big doses of kindness when giving out COVID-19 vaccine jabs.

Virginia Tkach says she was nervous about getting her second COVID-19 vaccine dose. She initially received Pfizer and said she had a tough time getting an earlier second appointment.

She went to Queen's Pharmacy in Kitchener and says her experience was worth sharing, praising pharmacist and owner Mina Abdel-Shahid.

"Just his manner, like there's no negative feeling at all, there's been a lot of it in the atmosphere lately," Tkach said. "He's very important to the community and I just want him to know that we need more people like him."

"I don't like needles and he was so good," said Tkach's friend, Carol Ann Yaniw, who also got the jab at Queen's Pharmacy. "He was just easy-going and put us at ease, not to worry about it you know, just talked us through it. It was over in no time."

Despite having minimal staff to help, Abdel-Shahid takes time to speak to all his patients, especially those who are apprehensive about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

"If they're scared, get them to talk about themselves, questions that would take their mind off," he said.

At Queen's Pharmacy, Abdel-Shahid administers the Moderna vaccine and has had several conversations with patients who are concerned about the brand.

"I don't try to push it against them because you have to be comfortable with the decision that you make," he said. "I'm happy and grateful that in Canada we have enough vaccines for everybody. Always my advice is if you can get the vaccine, get the vaccine as soon as you can."