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Police investigating break-ins at two Waterloo businesses


There were two break-ins at Waterloo businesses on Wednesday and investigators believe one person is responsible for both incidents.

The owner of Lavish Beauty Spa, located at the corner of Eastbridge Boulevard and Bridge Street West, said the suspect smashed their door with a large melon-sized rock.

The broken glass door at Lavish Beauty Spa in Waterloo after a break-in. (Provided)

What happened next was caught on security camera.

The video shows the suspect walking calmly through the nail and beauty salon. The owner tells CTV News the thief took about $6,000 in cash and another $24,000 worth of laptops, speakers and spa equipment.

"It was scary and it was very disappointing," said Sandeep Bhandohl. "I'm very surprised because it's a residential area. You wouldn't think something like this would happen here."

Bhandohl also said the suspect also took important business documents.

She has not yet spoken to her insurer but expects it will cost about $40,000 to fix the door, fill the hole and replace what was stolen.

"When I came [in Thursday] morning, I was so uncomfortable coming into my own place, thinking: 'Oh, maybe someone is there," Bhandohl explained. "He entered, unplugged the laptops. He went straight back. It seemed like he had been here before. He knew what he was doing."

Bhandohl added that she's concerned for the safety of her clients and staff and is considering installing a new security system with an alarm.

Second reported incident

A second Waterloo business was also targeted the same night.

Employees at The Tooth Corner, a dental office at Erb Street West and Fischer-Hallman Road North, confirmed there was a break-in there on Wednesday. The front door of the office was boarded up Thursday. They declined to share any further details with CTV News.

In a media release, police said the same person is suspected in both break-ins as well as a third incident in Cambridge.

The suspect is described as male, with tanned skin and a medium to heavy build. His face was covered and he was carrying a duffle bag at the time.

Police said no one was hurt in either incident as both buildings were empty at the time. Top Stories

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