CAMBRIDGE -- Police are encouraging the public to know their rights if they’re stopped on the road after two authentic police badges were stolen from a home in Waterloo Region and later recovered.

Officers were called to home in Cambridge on Tuesday after receiving reports of a theft.

They then discovered two Waterloo Regional Police badges were stolen.

Officials say officers are issued one police service badge, but two were taken from the same home.

They say the badges were stolen from a safe, although there are no rules to storing badges.

On Friday, WRPS reported in a news release the badges had been recovered.

The investigation into the matter is ongoing.

According to officials, there had not had any reports of anyone impersonating a police officer, and that no other WRPS property or clothing was taken.

“If anybody has concerns about someone misusing or improperly using a police service badge they are encouraged to call 911,” says Const. Ashley Dietrich, Waterloo Regional Police

Police are using the opportunity to remind residents they can ask for further identification from the officer.

“Individuals do have that right. Officers do carry a warrant card that they can provide to show further identification proving that they are a police officer,” says Dietrich.

Dietrich adds that most traffic stops are conducted by an officer in a marked cruiser, although some will be unmarked.

“If people have concerns about pulling over for a police cruiser they can slowly drive to a parking lot where then can pull over and do a safe stop,” she says.

“If they have further concerns they do have the option to call 911to confirm the identity of the officer in that specific location where that traffic stop was made.”