Police were back at the Nith River on Saturday after a possible sighting of Robbie Reiner’s body.

“With the cadaver team that came down, we started the search along the shore lines… at that point we had a possible sighting so that’s when police and fire were then called back in…,”said William Bolton, owner of Advanced Technical Training and Communications.

It’s been three months since the five-year-old boy went missing from his New Hamburg home. It is believed he fell through the ice nearby when he disappeared on Boxing Day last year.

Crews were searching further south in an area between Haysville and Huron Road in Wilmot Township.

Cambridge Fire’s Search and Rescue have been patrolling the river, zeroing in on areas around the banks.

Until now, it has been completely frozen over after a harsh winter took its toll.

“Due to the ice, this is the first time we’ve been able to get back into the river. We’ve been monitoring it over the last few weeks,” said Bolton.

Bolton has been conducting his own searches since the OPP called things off in late December. He even brought down the Ottawa Valley Search and Rescue Dog Association this weekend to help.

Bolton is determined to find closure for the family and the community.

“It’s one of those commitments I’ve always had – that I don’t give up until I’ve exhausted all opportunities…,”he said.