After being in the works for about ten years the brand new Station 6 opened in the city of Cambridge.

The fire station is located at the corner of Maple Grove Road and Boxwood Drive and will service the city’s rapidly growing north side.

The building was officially opened at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday.

Fire Chief Neil Main says it’s been 37 years since a new fire station was opened in the city.

He says the population of the city, along with calls for assistance, has been steadily increasing ever since.

“This location was always in the forefront of where a sixth station would be,” says Main. “It’s just taken up to this time to prove the need with data that we needed a new station now.”

The modern hall was part of the city’s ten-year master plan for fire and emergency services laid out in 2013.

The station’s 9300 sq. ft. can accommodate up to four fire trucks in its two double bays but it will start off with two fire trucks.

Fire officials say 20 new firefighters have already been hired and one captain and three firefighters will be on duty at all times.