KITCHENER -- AstraZeneca vaccines are now available for patients at several more primary care offices in Waterloo Region.

As of Tuesday, the vaccine is available to any adults aged 40 or over.

AstraZeneca is also available at multiple pharmacies in the region.

Medical Officer of Health Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang received her first dose of the vaccine at a local pharmacy on Tuesday morning.

“I’ve heard from so many people who are waiting for their turn to get the vaccine, including many individuals who do essential work and others who want to protect their family members,” Dr. Wang said in a news release. “If you’re 40 or older, I strongly encourage you to book an appointment to get the AstraZeneca vaccine. While we are in the midst of a very serious third wave with profound impacts on our community and our health care system at risk, we are fortunate to have a good supply of the AstraZeneca vaccine at the moment and the opportunity to vaccinate even more residents who are now eligible to get it.”

Patients at participating primary care offices should book an appointment though their health-care provider.

These offices are offering AstraZeneca:

  • Delta Coronation Family Health Organization, Dr. Ayoub, Dr. Bal, Dr. Gupta and Dr. Singh, 201 - 614 Coronation Boulevard, Cambridge
  • Dunbar Family Practice, Dr. Wilson, 350 Hespeler Road, Unit 5, Cambridge
  • Cambridge Medical Associates, Dr. Diane Humphrey, 34 Blair Road, Cambridge
  • Centre for Family Medicine, Dr. Fuss, Dr. Pefanis and Dr. Yee, 435 The Boardwalk, Suite 404, Waterloo
  • Forbes Park Medical Centre (Forbes Family Health Organization), Dr. Ahmad, 26 Forbes Street, Cambridge
  • Dr. Jonathan Peet, 445 Beechwood Place, Suite 104, Waterloo
  • Dr. Kathleen Bedrosian, 430 The Boardwalk, Suite 305, Waterloo
  • Lancaster Medical, Dr. Yeung, Dr. Narey and Dr. Maidment, 493 Lancaster Street West, Unit 101, Kitchener
  • The Medical Clinic (MD Care Family Health Organization), Dr. Patel and Dr. Jugdave, 124 Weber Street South, Waterloo
  • Monark Medical, Dr. Takhar, 1150 Franklin Boulevard, Cambridge
  • Nith Valley Family Practice, Dr. Rinaldi, 1 - 10 Waterloo Street, New Hamburg
  • SRS Medical Centre at The Boardwalk (Kitchener-Waterloo Family Health Organization), Dr. Naik, Dr. Sehl and Dr. Seibel, 430 The Boardwalk, Suite 310, Waterloo
  • Waterloo Region Family Health Organization, Dr. Dixon, Dr. Pellow and Dr. Reimer, 430 The Boardwalk, Suite 306, Waterloo
  • Waterloo Region Nurse Practitioner-led Clinic (2 locations), Paula Carere, NP, 13 Water Street, North, Cambridge & 123 Pioneer Drive, Unit 204, Kitchener
  • Waterloo West Medical, Dr. Mills, 430 The Boardwalk, Suite 204, Medical Building 1, Waterloo