KITCHENER -- The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo and Stratford Perth says it’s overwhelmed by the community support for Mildred, the senior dog who was found in a plastic bag at the side of the road near Listowel.

The 12-year-old dog was discovered in what the agency called a “very poor condition” on July 30.

The Humane Society said had she multiple health concerns, including chronic vaginal prolapse, multiple mammary tumours, dental disease, and arthritis, as well as severely overgrown toenails.

As she began the recovery process, the agency decided to name the dog Mildred.

On Friday, they released an update on her condition, saying a surgeon had removed Mildred’s overgrown/prolapsed vaginal tissue and the procedure went well, with no serious complications. They have also determined that her mammary tumours were benign.

The Humane Society says Mildred needs two more procedures. One will address her dental issues and the other will be the removal of some small mammary growths.

She also needs x-rays of her hips and pelvis, due to hip dislocations that had never been treated.

The agency says once these are completed, she will be able to live out the remainder of her life more comfortably.

Mildred is currently living with a foster family.

The Humane Society says they’ve received a lot of interest from those wanting to adopt Mildred but she’s not ready for a new home just yet.

They say Mildred will need a lot of help, as she can’t climb stairs, and she’ll need to take pain medication to keep her comfortable.

To help pay for Mildred’s procedures, the Humane Society launched an online fundraiser with a $5,000 goal.

The donations far surpassed that total, bringing it to more than $15,000.

All money not used for Mildred’s treatment will be used for the care of other animals.

The Humane Society says they will continue collecting funds until August 21.