There's a chance that Kitchener could get a second cannabis shop after the latest cannabis application lottery.

The initial results granted applicants the opportunity to apply for a license for a location on Fairway Road South. A second location in Kitchener's downtown core was waitlisted.

By Aug. 30, a dozen lottery winners had been disqualified, including a location on Wyndham Street in Guelph.

Now, the downtown location, which has its license application address listed as 73 King St. W., appears on both lists on the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario's website.

A numbered Alberta company has apparently been granted the change to apply for a license there, at the corner of King and Ontario.

But another application for that address is still listed on the waitlist, too, under a company listed as Lost Art Inc. These two applications are under different file numbers: 701488 and 696844, respectively.

This is only the first step in the process, though, meaning these stores aren't guaranteed.

"It is important to remember that an applicant’s selection in the lottery simply gives them an opportunity to apply for a licence. It is only the first step," the AGCO says in an emailed update.

A total of 12 applications were disqualified because they did not provide the proper documentation within the allocated five business days.

That could mean good news for people who want stores in Kitchener, though it's bad news for those same people in Guelph.

The remaining stores have made it to the next step, where their applications will be reviewed for eligibility by the AGCO.