KITCHENER – Two-way, all-day GO Service could be in Kitchener as early as 2025.

An updated billion-dollar proposal will be presented to provincial transportation officials on Friday, with details that could make or break the idea.

Regional chair Karen Redman calls the proposal a "huge game changer for us."

"It can be economic, financial, it could be investing in the province, the financial impact."

The Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce says the billion-dollar investment would be worth it.

Research done by the Connect the Corridor found that it could have a $17-$18 billion contribution to the provincial and national gross domestic products.

Daily ridership from Kitchener to ridership is low right now at under 300 people, but many say that wouldn't be the case if there were more trips.

"We expect the ridership to increase exponentially once the service is there because a lot of people who are not using the service will," explains Art Sinclair, vice president of the Greater KW Chamber of Commerce.

If the project is given the green light, Metrolinx would be aiming to have it up and running by 2025.

The report being tabled on Friday shows numbers for a new freight rail corridor or a minimal infrastructure option.

Both of these would see the construction of a new station near Breslau.

To read the full, 69-page business case for both options, you can visit the Metrolinx website.