Efforts taken in the wake of a fatal shooting at Guelph General Hospital haven’t been enough to ensure the safety of nurses and patients, the union representing nurses says.

“We feel that the Guelph hospital has failed to take every reasonable precaution to protect our members on the front line,” Ontario Nurses Association vice-president Anne Clark said in an interview.

“Incidents of violence have continued to occur, and we feel that the hospital has not dealt with them in a proactive manner.”

In May 2015, Brandon Duncan was shot and killed by police officers inside the hospital’s emergency room.

Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit found that Duncan had stabbed himself with scissors, and was attempting to do the same to a woman before making a move toward police officers.

The SIU concluded that police were justified in shooting Duncan.

Following the shooting, the hospital beefed up its security protocols around its emergency room.

According to the ONA, the enhanced security wasn’t enough to stop another patient from attacking a nurse recently.

Hospital president Marianne Walker says a ‘code white’ was called during that incident, bringing other staff members – including security personnel – into the area.

“When incidents like this happen where our staff are harmed, it’s upsetting for everyone,” she said.

“We take it seriously, and we really feel for the person who’s been impacted.”

The hospital is still reviewing its security procedures for areas outside the emergency room, Walker said.