GUELPH -- A return to red zone pandemic restrictions and new health protocols means the Guelph Knights have resumed in-person training for their youth program.

They've had almost two months of virtual training, but now the rep and house league players are back on the court.

"It was pretty hard," said Sadie Cummings, an 11-year-old player. "It didn't really make sense at first."

Sadie's Dad Jeff says he's happy for the return of the program so his kids can get moving, playing, and keeping their mental health strong.

The Guelph Knights program has been helping kids at every level learn to shoot, dribble, and reach for their goals for over 30 years.

The knights teamed up with International Sports and Basketball Academy at the start of the initial lockdown to help athletes work on their skills and train remotely.

Now that they're returned to in-person training, there are new protocols in place.

"So right now there are things like limits on players in the gym, spacing those athletes two metres apart," said Spencer MacDougall, director of IBSA. "There's no contact allowed right now, so no gameplay, and everything is kind of focused on skill."

There are also masks, enhanced cleaning, hand sanitizing, and contact tracing to help players keep safe.

"It's good to be getting back with our teammates and coaches because they're there to help us if we're having trouble," said Olivia Haines. "We get to do competitions, races, drills, and skill development."

The knights are hopeful for a return to play in the fall. In the meantime, Sadie's advice for young players is to keep on working to get better.

"I'd say you can do anything you want," she said. "It doesn't matter how big, small, or how fast you are, it just matters how much you want it."