“Mini Jurassic Parks” are popping up throughout Canada during the Toronto Raptors NBA Finals run.

Kitchener’s own Bobby O’Brien’s saw a huge turnout for game one on Thursday.

“It was very exciting to hear all the people chanting in unison for the Raptors,” said Bianca Wozniak. “This was definitely a whole other ball game. Everyone was super pumpebed because this was the first time they’ve reached this far.

“We have a very big community feel in Kitchener, but I’ve never see it as big as now for the Raptors.”

The downtown Kitchener bar is currently the only viewing party in the region, but Guelph plans on getting in on the action by game four.

“We put the call out to the community to see if they can help with us renting or purchasing the stuff we need to make it happen,” said Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie. “Our community wants to come together and cheer on the Raptors but we just don’t have the equipment.”

Guelph is looking to raise between three to eight thousand dollars for the potential events.

“We’re always looking for little ways to give back to the community,” said sponsor Chris Shody. “All my friends and family love sports and the Raptors, so this is the perfect way for us to get involved.”

The city of Waterloo also plans to host viewing parties for potential games five and seven.