KITCHENER -- Despite Saturday's chilly temperatures, over 100 people volunteered to strip down and jump into a pool of water.

The 2020 Polar Plunge was hosted by the Waterloo Regional Police Service and Wilfrid Laurier University in support of Special Olympics Ontario.

"The first initial dunk was pretty cold, but it's okay now," one plunger says.

"I'm feeling great – all my aches and pains are gone," another tells CTV.

The event was in advance of the 2020 Provincial Spring Games, which will be taking place in Waterloo this May.

"For us it's about the inclusion revolution, so we encourage people to support the games, support the Special Olympics but, more importantly, it's just a great opportunity to lend a hand a make a difference in people's lives," says Police Chief Bryan Larkin.

He was the first of the jumpers who helped to raise over $40,000 to support Special Olympians like Kitchener powerlifter Marley Gayler.

"I feel very excited to represent my hometown and to crush it," she tells CTV.

Other notable Polar Plungers included a few members of the KW Titans, a few members of the WRPS and teams from local media outlets, including CTV's own Krista Sharpe.