The Grand River Conservation Authority has extended its flood warning and flood watch.

As temperatures climbed near double digits and rainfall helped runoff, a flood warning was issued for New Hamburg and Ayr.

According to the GRCA, snow pack melt will increase due these conditions, increasing the likelihood of ice jam flooding as waterway runoff increases.

Flows in the Nith River in those areas were expected to peak on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, respectively.

A flood watch was also issued for the following places:

  • Grand Valley, Grand River
  • West Montrose, Grand River
  • City of Brantford and Six Nations, Grand River
  • Caledonia and Cayuga, Grand River
  • Drayton, Conestogo River
  • St. Jacobs, Conestogo River
  • City of Cambridge, Speed River

Major reservoirs are storing runoff in an effort to reduce downstream flooding.

The GRCA is reminding the public to exercise caution around water bodies, where banks can be slippery.

The flood warning will remain in effect until 4:00 p.m. Thursday, when an updated message will be issued.