A fire station in Six Nations has been shut down indefinitely after somebody fired shots into the building.

About 10 bullet holes were found in the station on Cayuga Road on Monday.

The holes dotted multiple walls of the building. It’s not clear why someone was shooting at the fire station. No people were inside at the time.

Fire officials say they will keep the Cayuga Road station closed until they can ensure the safety of the vehicles kept inside it and the firefighters who operate out of it.

Fire captain Martin MacNaughton says the closure will increase response times to some parts of the reserve by up to 15 minutes.

“It puts this part of the community in more jeopardy,” he said Tuesday.

Last summer, the same station was out of service for more than two months after somebody rammed its garage door and tried to hotwire one of the vehicles inside.

There are four other fire stations in Six Nations.