BRANTFORD -- A dog is being hailed as a hero after he alerted his family that their Brantford home had caught on fire.

Everyone was able to safely escape from the flames on Thursday, including their dog Colt, who was rescued by firefighters nearly an hour after it broke out.

Gabriele and Tom Drewery were home at the time of the fire while their son Tom Jr. was at work.

“I thought he was still in the garage because he had been in there earlier,” said Gabriele. “I was in the dining room.”

She says their dog Colt would not stop barking from the back of the house.

“I thought I’m going to see what’s wrong,” said Gabriele. “Something’s wrong, he never does that.

“I ran down the stairs, opened the door to the garage, and a wall of fire was staring right at me.”

Gabriele left through the front door to find her husband outside.

Their other dog was able to get out as well, but Colt was still stuck inside.

Video captured the moment the family saw a firefighter carrying Colt from the building.

“We now call him our miracle dog,” said Gabriele. “I do believe if he hadn’t been there barking constantly, I wouldn’t have noticed it for longer and might not have made it out.”

Both dogs were taken to the vet and are in good shape, but Colt is being monitored due to possible smoke inhalation.

The house on Ludlow Crescent has been home to the Drewery family for 33 years. They’re now staying with their daughter Stephanie Dinsmore and her husband.

The Drewerys add that the community response has been incredible and they’ve received donations of Tylenol, shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, and other items they need.

Dinsmore also started a Facebook fundraiser to help her parents with basic necessities while they work with the insurance company.