Police are issuing an alert to residents after two coyotes were spotted in suburban Kitchener on Sunday morning.

The sighting, in the driveway of a home on Westwood Drive near Glasgow Street, isn't the first, but it is a concern.

Waterloo Regional police spokesperson Olaf Heinzel says "An officer responded to the scene and observed two coyotes chasing a cat. Now the concern of course is that the coyotes are in the area."

They are warning both parents and pet-owners to be more aware. While coyote sightings aren't unusual, it is a concern when they're seen in neighbourhoods where there are a lot of children and pets.

Dog owner Donna Preikschas is worried. She says "They could just disappear in the backyard and never be seen again. There's kids around here, school down the street, anything could really happen."

Concerned parent Dennis Hentges is thankful for the alert, and says his brother also saw another predator in the area over the weekend.

"He's seen a fox. It had a rabbit in it's mouth and just went up the street from my house and up the next crescent," he says.

Multiple predators in one neighbourhood on the same weekend certainly seem to be enough encouragement to keep a close eye on children and pets.