KITCHENER -- Huron Perth Public Health officials say they now have the cold storage needed to hold the Pfizer vaccine.

Prior to the announcement on Thursday, they were relying on London for storage and had to work with tight delivery deadlines.

"When all the vaccines were in London, what that meant is that Huron Perth Public Health staff were driving to London, picking up the vaccine, driving it to a long-term care home, thawing it, and were not allowed to move it any further," said Dr. Miriam Klassen, Medical Officer of Health for HPPH.

"It's rare that you have exactly the right amount of residents per doses, so we had to line up plans to not waste any doses."

Public health also announced that all long-term care and high risk retirement residents in the area will receive a second dose of the vaccine.

On Thursday there was just one new case of COVID-19 in the area, 28 active cases, and one person in hospital.

Dr. Klassen adds that, because Huron Perth is in the orange tier of the provincial reopening model, there is some concern about people from other areas with more restrictions visiting.

She says there is little they can do to stop this, but that it's still important for everyone to do what they can to stop the spread.