GUELPH - There’s a multi-million dollar dilemma in store for The Royal City.

City staff expects a $52-million deficit over the next ten years and are recommending a tax increase of roughly 2.2 per cent to make up the difference.

“My hope is that there are items and numbers in there that can actually make an impact by lowering the overall impact of the budget increase,” said Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie.

Guelph is currently planning to implement big projects over the next few years like a new rec centre, transit hub, and a $67-million library proposed for Baker Street.

“We’ve outgrown the main library,” said library CEO Steve Craft. “The city is growing at a fast rate and we need to be able to serve the citizens.”

The project was approved in September by a slim margin and discussed at a budget meeting Wednesday night.

“It was a good meeting,” said Craft. “It’s council’s prerogative to reexamine these issues from time to time.”

Final budget decisions are expected to be made at a meeting on Nov. 13.

Councilors will be submitting proposals about how they think the city can save $5.2 million a year over the next decade.