WATERLOO -- Park and Veva Reilly have been married for 74 years.

They joined five other couples celebrating their love at a special Valentine's Day lunch at Luther Village On the Park.

At least one of the members of each couple lives on the memory care floor, which is dedicated to residents living with dementia to receive extra attention and medical support.

Luther Village hosted the lunch to celebrate their long-lasting relationships.

They also invited family members to help create new memories.

"It’s been really special, they’ve been married for so long and weddings have changed so much over the years so it’s interesting to see that and hear about their honeymoons and how they met," says Activities Coordinator Mandy Holmes.

"People meet in much different ways nowadays, so yeah a lot of blind dates, they went on blind dates a long time ago."

The retirement community is also hosting a party for all of its residents on Friday afternoon.