More turbines were installed in 2014 than in any year previous, the Canadian Wind Energy Association says.

According to the group, this is the second consecutive year of record new capacity, with a total of 1,871 MW installed in five provinces.

The most growth was in Ontario, where 850 MW was installed.

Enough wind capacity now exists in Canada, the CWEA says, to meet the needs of three million average-sized Canadian homes.

“Canada’s 37 new wind energy projects in 2014 represent over $3.5 billion in investment,” CWEA president Robert Hornung said in a statement.

“Wind energy has now brought economic growth and diversification to more than 100 rural communities across Canada.”

At minimum, Hornung said, another 1,500 MW of capacity is expected to come online in 2015.

Wind energy accounts for approximately 4 per cent of energy generation in Ontario.

With files from CTV London