Ten artists were chosen two years ago to create artworks along the ION route.

The region invested more than $975,000 to include the pieces, focusing on the cultural addition to the light rail.

“When we do large capital projects, we do invest a lot in art as well,” said Helen Chimirri-Russell, director of cultural services with the region.

The selection process included a two-stage jury process, where artists had the opportunity to pitch their ideas.

Ultimately ten were chosen, although one has since backed out of their commission.

Elana Chand and Lauren Judge have been working on a piece bound for the Fairway transit terminal.

Chand explained that the work is inspired by pieces, “that represent the cultural diversity and commercial history of Waterloo Region.”

Another piece, a bench made from leftover metal from the ION tracks, will pay homage to the area’s industrial past.

“I’m also really aware of the industrial manufacturing of the region, and the fact that those jobs have sort of disappeared,” said Sandra Dunn, a blacksmith creating the bench.

The pieces are scheduled to be installed by early next year.