The Guelph Humane Society is calling for action regarding the enforcement of animal protection laws.

The OSPCA reportedly told the Ontario government it would not sign a new contract with the province after its contract expires in March.

This came months after a judge ruled that the OSPCA’s powers were unconstitutional, and that the provincial government was wrong to give the authority to the agency in the first place.

“This decision signals a crisis for animals in Ontario,” Adrienne McBride, director of GHS, says in part in a statement.

According to the statement, only police officers and OSPCA agents have the authority to investigate and enforce animal cruelty laws. These investigations alone require about 1.5 full-time positions at the GHS.

“Our agents investigated more than 350 animal cruelty cases in the last year,” McBride is quoted as saying.

The statement calls for members of the public to reach out to their local MPPs, requesting support in asking the government to “extend investigation and enforcement authority” until a more permanent solution can be reached.