The rabies outbreak that has seen hundreds of animals infected with the virus in the past year-plus has made its way to Six Nations.

Officials there say they have been notified of two positive tests for rabies, both in wild raccoons.

The first raccoon tested positive in late February, after being found as roadkill near the intersection of Chiefswood Road and Third Line, just south of Ohsweken.

Fewer details were available about the second test, which was announced publicly Thursday.

Authorities say all animal bites and scratches should be reported to Six Nations Public Health, while any encounters with sick or oddly-behaving wild animals should be reported to the Six Nations Wildlife Office.

The southern Ontario rabies outbreak first came to light in December 2015, when an infected raccoon got into a fight with two dogs in Hamilton. It was later determined that the raccoon had somehow made its way to the area from upstate New York.

In 2016, 288 cases of rabies were confirmed in animals in the province.

While the virus has been found as far west as the Listowel and Blyth areas, the bulk of the cases have been in and around Hamilton, including those of a rabid stray cat which bit a person in Caledonia and at least one raccoon found in Brantford.