Waterloo Regional District School Board will send a formal request to Ontario’s Ministry of Education to allow the board to continue to teach the sex education curriculum set by the liberal government in 2015.

Trustees voted 9-2 in favor of the decision at a special board meeting on Monday night.

Chair of the board, Scott McMillan seemed pleased with the outcome.

“I think for a lot of our students, this is a strong message that our schools are a safe place for them,” he said after the meeting.

Trustee Mike Ramsay voted against the decision saying he does not believe enough consultation with parents was done before the 2015 curriculum was implemented.

“I think we will get there with respect to a curriculum that is acceptable for the great cross-section of the entire Waterloo region,” he said.

Council also voted to send a letter to the provincial government about the snitch line that asks parents to report concerns about teachers.

This letter will make the board’s feelings against the snitch line public and show their support for the teachers with the school board.

“There’s no need for any other reporting mechanism other than the one that is already in place,” McMillan said.