Tracy Baker has owned Snowflake for almost two years, but a Cambridge bylaw means she may not be able to keep her.

“Anybody else with their dog or their cat, snuggle into, and all their stress is relieved by them. Snowy is my stress relief,” Baker says.

Baker says that her building has never had issue with the 120-pound pig, but a complaint filed by a neighbour prompted the city’s animal control division to investigate.  When they discovered Snowflake, they had to enforce the bylaw.

While the animal control office says that's all it's doing, it has offered to extend the amount of time to allow Baker to move to a pig-friendly municipality.

Cambridge Coun. Nicholas Ermeta wants to suspend the bylaw governing exotic pets before it is enforced in Baker’s case, and have the city review the bylaw before taking any action.

“I believe our bylaws are out of date and that we need to have another look at it,” Ermeta said.

Baker is hoping to make her case before city council on May 15.