A person has been charged following a fatal hit-and-run in Stratford.

The victim, a 63-year-old woman, was hit by a minivan at a Walmart plaza on Sunday. She later died in hospital.

She’s been identified as Hedwig Sophia Harris, known by loved ones as Evelyn.

“I spoke with the family this morning and they are doing okay,” says Const. Darren Fischer. “Obviously they are very distraught and upset about what had happened, but they seem like a very kind and forgiving family and they want to express that they don't have any anger towards the accused person in this matter.”

The driver of the vehicle fled the scene. A five-hour search for the vehicle ensued until a woman, 30, turned herself in at police headquarters.

Police have charged her with accident resulting in death. She has not been identified.

She has a court date set for June 17 where she will answer the charge.

The vehicle has gone in for forensic examination.

Investigators say anyone who may have been affected by the hit-and-run can reach out to Stratford police or victim services for help.