Two separate theft incidents at the same Walmart in Guelph have left one security guard with injuries to her leg after police say she was hit by car deliberately.

The first incident happened around 5 p.m. at the Walmart on Woodlawn Road West.

Police say a mother-daughter duo entered the Walmart and attempted to steal a number of electronics.

Loss prevention officers confronted the mother and placed her under arrest. The 21-year-old daughter fled the scene in a car. Police say she later turned herself in.

Both women, from London, were charged with theft. The mother was charged with resisting arrest and breach of probation.

Less than two hours later, a boyfriend and girlfriend entered the same Walmart and were observed hiding clothing.

Police say they left without paying and that’s when loss prevention officers confronted the pair in the parking lot.

The man was placed under arrest and attempted to flee. In the process of the altercation with officers, the girlfriend got into a car. She drive at the loss prevention officers and ran over the leg of one of the female officers.

Police say she then fled the scene.

Guelph police attended the scene and arrested the man. He has been charged with resisting arrest, breaching court orders, and theft.

A warrant for will be sought for the woman. Both the man and woman are from Acton.