KITCHENER -- Region of Waterloo council is once again dealing with the aftermath of a social media post shared by the mayor of Wilmot Township.

Les Armstrong repeated his apology in front of councilors at a special meeting Tuesday morning for sharing and commenting on a "white lives matter" social media post.

Regional council unanimously accepted an integrity commissioner's findings surrounding the issue.

"This has been a time of reflection for me and I continue that journey," said Armstrong. "I think it's important that my apology that I read in Wilmot council should be repeated now so it's on the record."

Several delegates appeared at the virtual meeting as well, with one saying they don't believe a mandated apology is enough.

"His behaviour has tarnished the region," said Wilmot Township resident Nigel Gordijk. "What I would like to see is your unequivocal condemnation of his conduct, describing in detail what he did wrong and explain why his actions were harmful to the public."

Another delegate asked for regional council to undertake more cultural education.

"In what ways will the members of council work toward learning about cultures and diversity and encourage regional employees to do the same?" Said Toronto resident Alim Nathoo.

One delegate also described Armstrong as a man of good character and underscored his apologies on the matter.

"I've known Mayor Armstrong for over a decade and I have never heard him make a disparaging remark or racist comment," said Baden resident Glen Mathers. "To even hint he's racist is a shameful assault on the character of a man who is the very best of us."

The integrity commissioner report that council accepted Tuesday found that Armstrong violated codes of conduct for the township and the region.