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Wide turns leaving Ayr residents short on patience with transport truck traffic

A transport truck travels through the community of Ayr, ON on April 17, 2024. (Jeff Pickel/CTV News) A transport truck travels through the community of Ayr, ON on April 17, 2024. (Jeff Pickel/CTV News)

People living in the community of Ayr say they are dealing with a safety concern due to transport trucks travelling through their downtown.

“As you can see, the turn radius here is really small and there's been damage to the concrete several times by trucks trying to make the corner,” North Dumfries Mayor Sue Foxton said as a large transport truck turned left from Northumberland Street to Stanley Street.

She says the three-way intersection often leads to trucks swerving into oncoming lanes and mounting the curb.

“They're coming right up on the sidewalk. I had I had to yell at a truck that was on this curb here the other day,” Foxton said.

Foxton said with Trussler Road less than 500 metres away she can’t understand why trucks are choosing a route through Ayr.

“The logic is beyond me. Trussler Road is only 300 meters past Northumberland street, so why they are going there? It's beyond me.” Said Foxton.

A map shows the distance between Northumberland St. and Trussler Road.

Jeff Trupp works at nearby Hitched Coffee and said he has seen the safety issues firsthand.

“About two months ago a truck hit the pole turning the corner and the fender flew off and went right over my head across the street,” said Trupp.

Although the intersection is in North Dumfries Township, Northhumberland Street and Stanley Street are regional roads and any changes will need to come from the Region of Waterloo.

“I decided to put forward a motion just to make sure everyone knew it was on the table and we could get a report started and find some interim measures,” Region of Waterloo Councilor Kari Williams said.

She says the motion will look at short term plans like putting in place “truck bypass” signage to divert trucks to Trussler Road.

Williams says the motion will also look at if a truck ban on Northumberland Street in Ayr is possible.

“The second part of the motion is an actual study to see if a truck ban is appropriate, and I think even just looking into the space and size of downtown,” Williams said.

William's motion goes before regional council next week. Top Stories

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