Those who haven't been invited to a birthday party or didn't have people come out to theirs were welcome at an event in Waterloo Park on Sunday.

Friends 4 Kindness hosted an "Unbirthday Birthday" in hopes of celebrating both kids and adults who needed an extra boost.

"A lot of the people we have coming out to our unbirthday parties, it's not children, it's adults who struggle with a social connection," said Friends 4 Kindness founder Nicole Callander. "The last few years have been really hard for them because they didn't have friends calling them, they didn't have driveway birthday visits, so they were spending the last few years with their family or by themselves."

The group aimed to help those isolated during the pandemic with the event, make up for celebrations that didn't turn out the way they hoped, and for those in attendance to form connections with each other.

"I love the snacks and the cotton candy, and I love the train ride," one attendee told CTV News. "It's so much fun."

The group adds that people who live outside Waterloo Region were in attendance as well.