WOODSTOCK - A group in Woodstock is helping out the community to make sure everyone can enjoy a feast, not only on Thanksgiving, but for the entire year.

It's an initiative that Chris Eby started over a year ago in Woodstock's Museum Square called the Community Free Table.

"I guess as a citizen here in Woodstock I've seen the need so I pursued it and we put out a free table from our sponsors," says Community Free Table founder Chris Eby.

He said the initiative focuses on supplying food for low-income earners and those who are homeless.

Roxanne Decroo has been volunteering at the Community Free Table for the past six months. She found out about it when she was in a time of need.

"I love it. I think this is the best thing to ever happen to this town," Decroo says.

Volunteers also hand out hygiene products in addition to food.

Those who use the service have deemed Eby a community hero.