Drivers in Windham had an unexpected commuter alongside them on their way to work Wednesday morning.

“Some of our commuters got a little bit of a surprise of a horse walking down Highway 24 this morning,” Const. Ed Sanchuk said via Twitter.

Officer Shauna Poulton from the Norfolk County Ontario Provincial Police attended the scene and was able to grab the horse and walk it to safety.

Const. Sanchuk says Poulton is a horse owner herself, so she knew what to do.

“She’s doing great,” Const. Poulton said about the horse’s condition.

“She is a very, very beautiful horse, and very well behaved so far,” Const. Sanchuk added. 

The OPP cautioning drivers to be alert at all times while driving, no matter where.

“If you do happen to travel on the roadways anywhere not just in Norfolk County, but the surrounding areas, be prepared for the unexpected. Usually you see deer, you don’t normally see horses on the roadway,” said Const. Sanchuk.

The officers identified the owner of the horse shortly after the incident. They are thanking the public for their assistance.

Horse rescued