WATERLOO -- There haven't been any confirmed cases of coronavirus in Canada, but one local school isn't taking any chances.

The University of Waterloo says it's already taking necessary safety precautions to prevent any illnesses on campus.

The school says it routinely screens any students who have recently travelled, no matter where they've been.

The university says that, if needed, masks and other safety precautions will be taken for anyone who may have infectious respiratory symptoms.

UW partners with several universities in China, including Wuhan University, the city where the outbreak originated.

It's not known if any local students are currently at that university or have recently come back from Wuhan, but right now there are no direct flights from Wuhan to any international airports in Ontario.

Students on campus Thursday told CTV that they aren't really concerned about the virus.

"I don’t think I’m in contact with people in and out of that area often enough to really be exposed to that kind of thing. So I’m not really worried," says UW student Jack Dai.

The school's health services, the Ministry of Health and Region of Waterloo Public Health are monitoring the outbreak closely, conducting surveillance and doing lab tests.