KITCHENER -- A recent study from the University of Guelph found women are taking on more chores than men as people spend more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Robin Milhausen, a professor of family relations at the U of G, is part of the study. It's looking at opposite-sex couples and how they're handling more clutter, dirt and disorganization around the house.

"Women were more likely to report much more housework and much more child care, where men reported just more child care and housework," Milhausen said.

The study said women are doing more chores, but men have also stepped up their contributions at home.

"Even though we're seeing more and more egalitarian relationships, women still tend to bear the brunt of household responsibilities," Milhausen said.

"He's working and I'm off work, so I pick up more because he's working," said Mary Schmidt, who's engaged to Mike Brascoupe.

Others said chore responsibilities are shared.

"More and more we're sharing the duties," said Robert Riel. "Everybody's home, so everyone can contribute."

Milhausen said families have to do what's best for them to adapt to pandemic living, even if that means accepting the house might be a bit messier than they'd like.