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Two arrested after Stratford police officer dragged by stolen pickup


Two people are facing charges after a police officer was allegedly assaulted in Stratford.

On Tuesday, the officer was at the Canadian Tire Gas Bar on Ontario Street at 10:30 p.m. while conducting a stolen vehicle investigation. While there, they spotted a black Dodge Ram pickup truck that police said was confirmed stolen from Parkhill. The pickup was not connected to the officer’s investigation.

Two people, a man and a woman, were seen with the vehicle.

The officer approached the man, identified as 27-year-old Joseph Cluett of Mitchell, as he was exiting the store. Police said Cluett “immediately pushed the officer to the ground and ran to the truck where he got into the passenger seat.”

The woman, 30-year-old Kayla Field, was in the driver’s seat.

Police said the officer followed Cluett to the truck and “attempted to pull him out while telling Cluett he was under arrest.”

A video, shared by Stratford police, shows the officer pulling the passenger door open. Cluett and the officer then engage in a physical altercation before Field began to drive away. Police said the officer was “unable to pull away” and was dragged alongside the truck for a short distance. They added that the officer was “nearly run over.”

Police said the officer was transported to the hospital, but has since been released and “will be off work for an undetermined amount of time and is now resting at home with family.”

On Wednesday, Cluett and Field were arrested.

Police said the two were seen in the same stolen truck shortly after 4 p.m. While stopped at a train crossing in the community of Dublin, police attempted to box the truck in. Police said Cluett drove “directly toward an officer” who was able to jump away. However the pickup struck two police vehicles before driving off the road.

Officers attempted to block the truck once again, and Cluett crashed the pickup into another police vehicle before getting out the vehicle and running away.

Police said Cluett was taken into custody but continued to resist arrest and attempt to flee.

They added that Cluett appeared to be impaired by an unspecified drug.

Field, meanwhile, was arrested without incident.

Cluett and Field have both been charged with possession of stolen property over $5,000 and possession of stolen property under $5,000.

Field has also been charged with dangerous driving.

Other charges against Cluett include: driving while disqualified, dangerous driving, assault with a weapon, resisting arrest, breach of probation and driving while impaired.

Both are set to make a court appearance on Jan. 31.

Police said they decided to release the video to “emphasize the danger of this situation.” Top Stories

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