Police say a torso found in a garbage bin Saturday belongs to a Kitchener woman.

The severed torso was found among garbage outside an apartment building at Frederick Street and Gordon Avenue.

In a Tuesday afternoon media release, police identified the victim as 24-year-old Kelsey Louise Felker.

“This is a tragedy for the community, for the family especially,” said Insp. Kevin Thaler.

“The efforts will continue to recover her body and provide some measure of closure for the family.”

Police say information from the public regarding a T-shirt reading ‘Forget princess I want to be a vampire’ and found wrapped around the torso was an important factor in identifying Felker as the victim.

Felker was first reported missing after the torso was discovered. It is not known when she was last seen or when she died.

An autopsy on the torso is continuing in Hamilton.

No arrests have been made. No other body parts have been reported found.

Anyone finding suspicious articles on or near their property is asked to contact police at 519-653-7700, Police say they continue to seek information from the community.