KITCHENER -- As all of Ontario entered the first weekend under the government's new stay-at-home order, bylaw officers were out making sure people following the rules.

Kitchener city officials say there were 28 bylaw complaints that were investigated, but only six were noted as violations.

Of those six, most were homes that had additional people inside who left once they were asked, but at one household two tickets were handed out for having a group of friends over.

"All but one of those were fairly minor in nature, it was somebody that was dropping something off or somebody dropped over," said Gloria MacNeil, Kitchener's director of bylaw enforcement.

Kitchener bylaw officers said response was well-received over the weekend, but they're noticing people getting frustrated.

"Often when we are responding, people are just annoyed with us responding, annoyed with us having to come out," MacNeil said.

In Waterloo, 15 COVID-19-related calls were made to bylaw and one charge was laid for having too many people inside a home.

While some Waterloo Region residents told CTV News they would be comfortable calling bylaw after spotting a violation, others didn't agree it was the right thing to do.

"Yes I would, because they are endangering all of us," a resident said. "If they were endangering themselves it's one thing, but they are endangering everybody and we need this pandemic to go away."

Another resident says they considering denouncing people an "evil thing to do", another says they'd let a violation go because they don't know what the circumstances go.

Officials are also reminding the public to not call 911 in order to ask about COVID-19 restrictions, but instead call 211 or visit

The province is asking anyone who sees someone in violation of emergency regulations to call municipal bylaw offices or visit their online portals.

Bylaw officials in Guelph did inspect several business, including big box stores, but said there were no tickets issued.

"Everybody's doing a fantastic job of being cautious, wearing a mask and observing the distancing requirement,' said bylaw manager Scott Green.

The Ministry of Labour is expected to start proactive inspections at big box store in Waterloo Region in the coming days.