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Three local police services to receive $200k each for CCTV expansion

(Pexels/Photomix Company). (Pexels/Photomix Company).

Three local police services will be receiving funding from the provincial government to expand their closed circuit television programs.

The Stratford Police Service, Guelph Police Service and West Perth Ontario Provincial Police will each receive $200,000 for the expansion of their video surveillance.

The funding will come from the Ontario Closed Circuit Television Grant Program, part of Ontario’s gun, gangs and violence reduction strategy.

According to the province’s website, the grant supports police services and communities in increasing public safety. Municipal and First Nations polices services, as well as the Ontario Provincial Police are eligible to apply for the grant.

The funding can be used to replace outdated equipment, expand or enhance current technology and install new or additional CCTV surveillance cameras in areas where gun and gang violence, illegal drug activity and human trafficking are prevalent, the province says.

The funding announcement comes after the provincial government’s pledge to invest more $2.8 million in new equipment and technology to help police services across the province better protect communities against gun and gang violence. Top Stories

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