WATERLOO -- style="margin-top:9.0pt;margin-right:0in;margin-bottom:0in;margin-left:0in; margin-bottom:.0001pt"> A simple act of kindness for seniors in Waterloo Region.

A group of Waterloo teens are handwriting thousands of holiday cards for residents living at local long-term care homes.

"I think it's really important that the seniors in our community feel appreciated and heard," said Abby Huo, a teen team member at the Waterloo Public Library.

They're also encouraging their friends at school to do the same.

"On the last day before Christmas break a bunch of classes are writing out cards," said Chloe Budakian, another teen team member.

"Even though we don't address people by names, we still like to write out the cards," added Huo. "[We] really put our hearts into it because we want whoever is receiving it to feel the appreciation that we have."

At Parkwood Mennonite Long Term Care Home, every residents will get a card.

"These acts of kindness are what really lets our residents and our communities know that they haven't been forgotten," said CEO Elaine Shantz. "That we're still thinking about them."

Mariah Baldasaro, the Outreach Coordinator at the Waterloo Public Library, said these teens are helping seniors and everyone in Waterloo Region feel stronger together.

"I don't know else we can see them but as inspiring. There's nothing that they don't do that makes our community better. I hope not only the seniors see that, but the entire community knows that this is teen-driven."

By the time they're done, the teen team plans to deliver more than 4,000 cards to local long-term care homes.