A nine year old boy is in hospital and a teen is behind bars after a slashing in St. Thomas.

Police say they were called to a Mitchell avenue home on Saturday where they found the boy bleeding badly from the neck.

Sergeant Brian Carnegie says the nine year old boy was slashed in the throat so badly; he needed surgery in a London hospital.“Through further investigation deemed we were investigating an attempt murder in regards a nine year old” says Carnegie.  

He's now in stable condition. A 17 year old faces the attempted murder charge he's in custody, waiting for a Tuesday court date.So far police have been tight-lipped about the type of weapon used and the relationship between the young men.

“The relationship we know at this point is that they were known to each other both lived in the city of St Thomas “says Carnegie.

Neighbour Carol Knowles says she's met the family in the house but doesn't know them well. “I’m shocked I hope everybody's ok that’s all I can say.

Shocked by the slashing but not surprised to be woken up by flashing lights.She thinks the area is going through a "rough" period.

 “I’ve lived here along time and I’ve always felt safe but I’m not really happy about seeing police cruisers in the area lately” says Knowles.