KITCHENER -- For some people, Valentine's Day means showering your loved one with gifts, and in some cases, the sexier the better.

But just like fashion, lingerie trends are evolving: some now prefer a little less lace and a little more lounge.

It's called "athleisure wear." Think stretchy, sporty and spandex.

Experts say the demographic opening their wallets the most is those 25 and under.

"Back in time, lingerie started it was just your under garments necessarily and now it's more of a fashion statement," says Stag Shop Area Manager Innes Marshasley.

She says lingerie sales are still steady, but staff say they've broadened their selection to stay on trend.

Athleisure wear has been made popular by social media influencers, and is most in-demand from young millennials.

"We get a lot of people saying, 'Oh I saw my favourite Instagram influencer wearing something like this and I'm looking for something like this,'" explains store manager Alex Laurette.

But there's still a healthy market for the classic lacy numbers and even leather lingerie.

This style of piece is now even a popular fashion statement in public.

"Lingerie, jeans and a belt, you're going to the bar," one woman tells CTV.

Bronte Behling is a Wilfrid Laurier University. She says her Valentine is taking her to dinner, but says if he gifted her lingerie, she wouldn't be impressed.

"Squeezing yourself into something that you don't feel comfortable in and you don't feel like represents who you are isn't very fun for anyone," she says.

Experts say there's no right or wrong thing to wear. It's all about your comfort level, both in and out of the bedroom.

There's no age limit, either: staff at the Uptown Waterloo Stag Shop say they see a lot of young people because of their location, but that lingerie can be for everyone.

They even have a section for lingerie for men.