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Search for Smithers: Owner says missing parrot is 'very loved and very much missed'


A Cambridge woman is making a desperate plea for help in the search for her missing bird.

Claudia Vujanic hasn’t seen her 16-year-old African grey parrot, name Smithers, since mid-September.

“Unfortunately a door was open,” she said. “He has never tried to get out. He saw an opportunity and I never thought… he never tried before in 15 years.”

Vujanic has been handing out flyers and knocking on doors in her neighbourhood, hoping someone has seen her beloved companion.

“Last time he was seen was about a month after he disappeared,” she explained. “He was seen at the YMCA.”

Smithers the parrot in an undated photo provided by Claudia Vujanic.

Vujanic remains hopeful someone is taking care of Smithers.

She’s consulted with bird experts who believe Smithers is still alive and is taking refuge in someone’s home.

“I have a lot of faith, that’s what’s carrying me because I can’t go to the negative side.”

Sometimes though, she thinks of more sinister scenarios.

“Maybe somebody has him, but they don’t know we are looking. Somebody has him and are trying to sell him,” Vujanic said. “Or using him as a breeding animal, which breaks my heart because conditions for most of those animals are horrible.”

Smithers the parrot in an undated photo provided by Claudia Vujanic.

While she continues to wait for answers, Vujanic is thankful for the support she’s received so far.

“People came from Kitchener, London, and Waterloo. Everyone is trying to help me find him.”

She’s now hoping for a holiday miracle.

“If somebody has him please return him home. He’s very loved and very much missed.”

Missing poster for Smithers the parrot.

Anyone who sees the parrot is asked to contact their nearest humane society.

Vujanic said they shouldn’t chase, call or whistle at Smithers as it may cause him to fly away. Top Stories

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