People who bought tickets to a three day rock festival are finally getting some good news.

Eventbrite says they are giving ticketholders of the cancelled Roxodus Festival their money back.

“They said within seven business days I would receive the $467 for my tickets,” said ticketholder Heather Panico. “We’ve taken a lot of days off work to accommodate this festival. It’s not just the money lost in the tickets and camping.”

Organizers cancelled the festival for this weekend on Tuesday after months of “tremendous rainy weather” at the Edenvale Airport.

“I had every reason to believe that things were going to go smoothly,” said Alan Cross, the hired MC for the festival. “I sat in on the meetings. I heard the conversations. There was nothing there that made me think this was going to crash.”

A statement on the festival’s website said “information about ticket refunds will be released shortly.”

The statement disappeared a day later.

In a statement to CTV Kitchener, Eventbrite says they believe attendees deserve to get their money back and they’ll pursue festival creators for the funds.

The lineup for the cancelled festival featured acts like Aerosmith, Nickleback, Kid Rock, Blondie, and Alice Cooper.

“I’ve been to music festivals before and this was by far the best lineup I had ever seen,” said Panico.

Slamfest at Bingeman’s will also be giving free admission to those who bought tickets to Roxodus as well.

“We wanted to instill trust and faith in these production companies,” said Gabriel Mattacchione, president of Beyond Oz Productions. “We feel for the ticket holders of Roxodus, we’re not sure of the faith with those refunds, so we just wanted to open our gates and welcome them to a night of rock.”