A portion of Highway 8 was closed Monday afternoon after a motorcycle crash near Cambridge.

Police say lanes were blocked off in both directions between Safari Road and Studiman Road in Sheffield.

The Ministry of Transportation said on Twitter that the road was closed shortly after 1 p.m.

A 49-year-old rider suffered serious injuries in the crash. Police say the motorcyclist hit the back of a vehicle waiting to turn.

"We see this type of collision is one of the top two most common collisions for motorcycles," says Acting Sgt. Dan Hunter with the OPP. "We either see a left-turning movement in front of the motorcycle or we see the motorcycle rear-ending somebody."

Police aren't yet sure if the motorcyclist didn't see the vehicle or simply didn't react in time.

There's been no word on any charges and it's not clear whether speed or alcohol is being considered a factor.

The road reopened shortly after 5 p.m.