GUELPH - A number of residents in a Guelph neighbourhood are upset about a new off-leash dog park.

Some are saying the dog park has ruined their community and are calling the city's decision on the location shameful.

"It becomes highly abusive, highly disruptive to the adjacent residential property owners' home lives," says John Farley, one of the residents.  

Other people in the neighbourhood admit they are not against dog parks, but say they were never consulted.

The city says they are aware of the residents' concerns and will be reaching out to dog owners to educate them on how to be respectful neighbours.

"We are acknowledging that we could've done a better job at listening to local residents," says Guelph's manager of open space planning Luke Jefferson.

Other residents say they don't see an issue with it.

"I don't know what they're complaining about. It's across the street," said Morgan Anderson, who owns a dog.

The off-leash park opened five weeks ago.

Guelph will be opening up two more fenced dog parks next year. One will be in Bristol Street Park and another will be at Lee Street Park.