Online consultation has opened for the public to provide input on the regional government review.

The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing announced Wednesday that the public consultation had opened through an online portal.

“This review of regional governments has the potential to affect how municipal services are delivered in our communities,” a joint statement from the region's cities and townships reads in part. “It is important that residents and businesses have the opportunity to provide input to the review process.”

The city says it is glad to see that the opportunity is being given for online input.

According to the province's website, public input will be accepted until April 23.

Last week, Cambridge Coun. Nicholas Ermeta took to social media, saying his sources told him that a report had already been completed, making amalgamation a done deal.

Other politicians close to the process denied that report, including Cambridge Mayor Kathryn McGarry.

"There are many different rumors right now, in municipalities right across Ontario, about the motive and ultimate outcome of this review," she said in a statement, "However, that is all they are – rumors."

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs says they are still planning to do spring consultations and that there is no predetermined outcome for the review.