Costly Weddings

Nearly 150,000 Canadian couples will walk down the aisle in 2011. Most couples dream of a fairy tale wedding, but it comes at a cost. When you add it all up -- the outfits, venue, flowers, music, photography and more – a wedding can cost a small fortune. Daiene Vernile takes a look at the latest wedding trends, and finds out what Canadians are willing to pay when they tie the knot.


Women in Politics

The federal election firmly established the Conservatives hold on the government. But while the political landscape changed, some things did not. Only 20% of elected MPs are women. So why are there so few women in politics? A panel of politicians recently met in Waterloo to discuss the gender gap.


Extraordinary Canadians

Some high profile writers are taking on Extraordinary Canadians in a new biography book series. Giller prize-winner Vincent Lam ("Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures") and Charles Foran (Charles Taylor Prize winner for "Mordecai: The Life & Times") are exploring the lives of Tommy Douglas and hockey-great Maurice Richard. Daiene Vernile sat down with the authors to find out what they learned about these extraordinary Canadians.